Lighting up city streets with smart
screens and smarter data.

On the streets
with Firefly

We are internet-connected, high-res smart screens on taxis and rideshares in the most impactful markets in the US, including LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami and New York. With Firefly’s first-of-its-kind street level media platform, you can efficiently reach and engage your customers on their everyday journey.

On the street with Firefly

Deliver customizable and scalable campaigns based on geofencing, zip code, DMA, and day-parting. Serve advanced dynamic creative based on real-time triggers like weather, location of the car, time, and even a sports scoreboard. Measure ad effectiveness with foot traffic, brand recall, web and app conversion research and optimize campaigns with insights.

Earn more while you drive.

Firefly helps supercharge your drive time with extra income. Download the app and apply today.

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